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Hi my name is Carlos, born in Santiago de Chile, father german, mother french. My life as an artist startet in Europe. Even as a child I had contact with Sewing maschines and many different types of fabrics which my father designed and manufactured as a textile engineer  Barly 9 jears old I went to school with my own creations  A few jears later I was asked if I wanted to do costume and stage design for a theater. The theater got me around a lot, which is why I now speak 5 languages  and I learned various techniques.The biggest challenge, however, was to cloth a face, which quickly became my passion and work. My inspiration is nature .I look after 1000 different plants in the backyard, learned from my beloved Gianni to open up to all styles.

Hi everyone, my name is Gianni and I never thought I'd be a hatter in life. I was born in southern Germany and artistically trained in four European capitals: Rome, Madrid, Paris and Berlin.

I worked in the theater as an actor, director and assistant account designer and costume designer. I experimented as a self-taught painting and plastic arts, collaborating with many international artists, setting up personal and collective exhibitions! In 2009 I was in Berlin to participate in the Fête de la Musique and it was on that occasion that I met Carlos Klein. From there my life would change forever! I was very fascinated by his work and wanted to learn. He taught me the basic techniques and left me free to find my own creative dimension. It was very tiring because it seems like an easy job, but it's not at all. Only after five years of experimentation did I sell my first hat. My creative process is performative, coming from the theater, every time I need to become what I am going to create. It is an act of psychomagic as Jodorowsky understands. The final result is the whole of all my artistic experiences. Parallel to this work as a hatter I carry on other independent artistic projects because I strongly believe in the versatility of the artist!